Exclusive F-480 Design Features:

  • Semi-elliptical body, design including hopper, for greater strength and lower body weight. 
  • Heavy-duty 3 ½” wide packer guide track, for extra long life.
  • Curved face packer blade for greater strength, rigidity, and hopper volume. 
  • Entire body made of wear resistant, super high strength steel. Hardox AR450 & 500
  • High efficiency hydraulic system, equipped with specially designed manifolds to eliminate unnecessary components and connections, also reducing possibility of leakage.
  • No exposed hydraulic or electrical lines to rear of body.
  • Superior high-pressure hose assemblies. 
  • ½ = 5000 PSI WP including hose protection against abrasion.
  • Sealed, spherical, self-aligning bearings on all cylinders to prevent cylinder side loading and ensure longer trouble free service.
  • All pivot points are sealed to ensure grease retention under all weather conditions, resulting in extended lube intervals, and many hours of maintenance free operation. 
  • “Easy Lube” system. All remote lubrication points are equipped with high pressure hoses to ensure all grease points are accessible from the ground and outside of the body
  • Automatic arm deceleration control. To assist driver with smoother container dumping operation.
  • Range limiter, allowing use of arms and forks while packing a load, for more flexible and efficient operation
  • Hydraulic ducting for fork cylinder integral with arm structure, eliminating easily damaged lines. (Patented)

Material Specifications: Most Extensive Use of Wear Resistant Materials. Hopper Floor:                            5/16” Hardox AR-450 180,000# Yield  Hopper Sides Full Height:         3/16” Hardox AR-450 160,000# Yield  Packer Blade Lower Face:        ¼” Hardox AR-450 180,000# Yield  Body Floor:                                3/16” Hardox AR-450 180,000# Yield Body Sides, Roof and Tailgate: 3mm Hardox AR-450 180,000# Yield 

  • Stainless Steel Side Skirts
  • Stainless Steel Tailgate Light Box, Bottom Lock Retainer
  • Guide Track Anti-wear Slider: 3/8” X 3 ½” Chromium Carbide Anti-Wear “WearMax”
  • Packer Guide Shoes: 3/8” X 3 ½” Chromium Carbide Anti-Wear “WearMax”

All Body Reinforcing Members fabricated from high strength, low alloy. 80,000 – 90,000 Yield.  Body: 40 Cu. Yd. including hopper and tailgate. The uniform semi-elliptical body design with curved surfaces was developed to maximize strength and durability and minimize weight. Best signified by the curved understructure design, a first in Front End Loaders that is still unmatched in material strength.  Packer Blade: The unique design was developed to attain optimal balance of strength and durability and maximize performance. The curved face and profile have no match in the industry.. Heavy-duty 3 ½” wide packer guide track, for extra long life. Curved face packer blade for greater strength, rigidity, and hopper volume.  Arms:  The patented design incorporates the hydraulic ducting in the arm structure increasing the strength and effectively eliminating externally mounted tubes. Yet another demonstration of Fanotech’s dedication to product excellence. Designed for the end user’s benefit. Tailgate: It follows the same design commitments of strength and durability exemplified by the latest design improvements. The six (6) light holes and back up alarm hole in the bottom tailgate beam have been eliminated to increase the strength and durability of this important structural member. The lights and back up alarm are now housed in a stainless steel light box bolted to the lower tailgate. *Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Hydraulic System: Hydraulic System:  Efficient streamlined design with the lowest possible number of connections.  Hydraulic steel tubes with impact formed flared connection. Rubber isolated clamping system.  This simplified system has minimized the use of underbody tubes and hoses. Most tubes are mounted internally and protected from the elements and damage. Another example of built in low maintenance and low repair cost. The use of high grade cylinders, valving, and hoses complete the design philosophy. Pump: HD Gear or Vane pump. Standard installation is transmission PTO mount with enclosed PTO shaft extension. (No exposed PTO shaft.) Front mount also available. 40 GPM @ 1000 RPM Maximum rating 2500 PSI @ 2500 RPM. Oil Reservoir: 55 US Gallons frame mounted. Tank is fabricated from stainless steel to eliminate internal rusting from condensation. Return line filter, tank mounted 100 gpm includes diffuser. Oil level sight gauge, drain plug and spin on 10 Micron Filler breather. Externally mounted suction line strainer, 100 mesh 100 gpm, with integral shut off and magnetic trap. Element can be cleaned without draining oil from tank. Control Valve: 75 GPM with air actuators. 5 sections with pressure protection for individual circuits. Incorporates main pressure relief and port relief for hopper door and arms. Pack circuit dump valve (fast return cycle). Tailgate circuit with check valve and drain fuse to maintain constant closing pressure. Hydraulic Cylinders: Heavy duty manufactured for severe service applications with internal gland design. Chromed rods, induction hardened to 55 Rockwell .065 deep and protected with 2 mil hard chrome. High quality two-piece rod Seals: One high pressure and one buffer seal. Hi-tech rod wiper. Aluminum piston for better heat dispersion and anti-wear qualities. Long life piston seals; high quality bi-directional low friction. All cylinders are equipped with spherical self aligning bearings at each pivot point to prevent side loading and to extend service life of pivot pins and bushings. These cylinders are practically bullet proof and have a proven track record of on the job performance and longevity. The cylinders best demonstrate Fanotech’s desire to design and manufacture long life products.

Controls: Updated in-cab control box is more compact and utilizes; HD rocker switches with plug in connectors, Deutsch HD sealed bulkhead connectors, highly visible LED indicator lights. Power relay module (PRM) for battery feed with built in fuses for switched and non-switched circuits, and breaker panel with addition circuits for auxiliary equipment.

  • Standard Pneumatic Controls: Arms and Fork Joystick control with pressure regulator for improved response. 
  • Joystick also has a trigger switch for start auto-pack, and thumb buttons for blade extend and blade retract.
  • Hopper cover, Tailgate single lever direct control with mechanical lever lock.
  • Standard Electric Controls: 
  • Hydraulic pump switch, on/off.
  • Auto-pack cycle start button.
  • Auto and manual emergency red stop button.
  • Auto and manual cycle selector switch.
  • Extend and retract manual ram controls.
  • Work light (hopper light) on/off switch.
  • Up/down switch for service hoist. (Optional)
  • Individual control on- off switches for optional equipment complete with circuit breakers. 
  • Warning lights; Pump on, pack cycle on, side door open, hopper cover closed and tailgate ajar light and alarm.

Electrical System: All critical components such as limit switches are protected in appropriately designed metal boxes to eliminate costly repairs and down time. All wires are protected and sealed. Junction boxes are sealed from the weather and are accessible for easy maintenance. Compression type fittings and grommets are used at all connections.

  • Lighting System: LED premium lighting system, exceeds present federal and provincial standards
  • Vapour – proof, sealed system with liquid tight conduit and compression fittings, includes all distribution and junction boxes.
  • Includes front and side clearance lights, mid turn signal, turn, stop and park on tailgate. 
  • Standard back up alarm. Hopper light with in-cab switch.
  • Tailgate mounted dual back up lights with in-cab switch.
  • Mid-body marker/signal lights.

Safety Equipment:

  • Arm or fork dump motion is disabled when packer blade is not in full retract position to prevent dumping behind packer blade.
  • Arm or fork dump motion is disabled when hopper cover is not fully open.
  • Pump will not operate with side access door open. 
  • Eject cycle is allowed only when tailgate is in full open position.
  • Tailgate safety props.
  • Back up alarm audible when reverse gear is selected or when tailgate is ajar.
  • ICI bumper attached to the tailgate with shear type connection to prevent tailgate damage.
  • Tailgate top mounted light box equipped with stoplight and dual back up lights with in cab switch.
  • Provision for mounting of optional rear view camera and strobe light.
  • Conspicuity (red and white) tape applied to lower body side and tailgate


  • Sandblasting and cleaning of entire body.
  • Two coats of epoxy primer.
  • Two finish coats of Sherwin Williams Genesis Acrylic Urethane

Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • Pump deactivation when body side inspection door is opened.
  • Full size Cab Protector with anti drip edges and foldaway front section, bolted to body.
  • Driver Side Sliding Body Access Door 
  • Broom and Shovel Holder - Installed on backside of packer panel.
  • Mud Flaps - On front and rear of tandem.
  • Arms and Fork Assemblies - Foldaway to allow for legal travel position.
  • Sliding Hopper Cover - Full length to cover complete hopper opening.
  • Roof Access Ladder - Mounted on right side of body.
  • Frame mounted steel tool box, including spill kit
  • Fire extinguisher and cover