F480 Front End Loader

Exclusive F-480 Design Features:

  • Semi-elliptical body, design including hopper, for greater strength and lower body weight.
  • Heavy-duty 3 ½” wide packer guide track, for extra long life.
  • Curved face packer blade for greater strength, rigidity, and hopper volume.
  • Entire body made of wear resistant, high strength steel.
  • High efficiency hydraulic system, with custom manifolds to reduce the number of components and connections thereby reducing the possibility of leaks.
  • No exposed hydraulic or electrical lines to rear of body.
  • High-pressure hose assemblies using abrasion resistant materials.
  • Sealed, spherical bearings on all cylinders ensuring proper cylinder alignment and extended service life.
  • All pivot points are sealed to ensure grease retention in all weather conditions to extended lubrication intervals, resulting in many hours of maintenance free operation.
  • “Easy Lube” system. All lubrication points are accessible from the ground outside of the body
  • Automatic arm deceleration control to assist operator with smooth container dumping.
  • Range limiter allows use of arms and forks during pack cycle allowing operator to continue moving containers making efficent use of their time.
  • Patented hydraulic ducting ingegral with arm structure eliminating exposed hoses that could be easily damaged.

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