Rear End Loader F-370

Exclusive F-370 Design Features:

The Fanotech F-370 high performance, heavy duty machine. Over its long history it has an established a track record of dependability, high production and low maintenance.  Requiring virtually no major repairs throughout it’s long life results in lower operating costs and a higher than average re-sale value.

  • Semi Elliptical body shape including floor to maximize strength, and minimize weight. High volume to tare weight ratio.
  • Hopper sweep area of 3.7 cubic yards, the largest of linkage type packing mechanisms!
  • Packer and body structure made of high strength, wear resistant steel carefully selected to maximize the life of all components exposed to friction and abrasion.
  • designed for best possible weight distribution and maximum payload of heavy duty .
  • Quick cycle time (24–26 s) and large hopper combined make a highly productive machine.
  • “Easy Lube” system. All lubrication points are accessible from the ground outside of the body
  • ’Trackless’ packing mechanism pivoted on sealed spherical bearings and heavy-duty rubber trunnions.  Prevents contact with hopper sides, eliminating friction.
  • Sealed, spherical, self-aligning bearings on all cylinders to prevent cylinder side loading and ensure ensuring proper cylinder alignment and extended longer trouble free service life..
  • Hydraulic and electrical lines are installed inside the body skirt protected from the elements.
  • Automatic tailgate locks.
  • Available in 20, 25, and 31 Cubic yard body configurations.

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