Rear End Loader Two-Stream Model F374

Exclusive F-374 Design Features:

The Fanotech F374 two-compartment rear loader has all the enduring features of our F370 standard rear loader with the added capability to collect two separate commodities. Because each body compartment has its own tailgate and ejector, either can be off-loaded independent of the other.

  • Two-compartment vertically split body with separate tailgate for each compartment.
  • No cross contamination between compartments or tailgates.
  • Body split ratio available from 50/50 to 85/15
  • Body is 4” wider than single stream body resulting in the same total capacity as the Fanotech F370 Rear End Loader.
  • Hopper swept area, 3.7 cubic yards (combined both tailgates), largest in the industry!
  • Separate ejector mechanism with telescopic cylinder for each compartment.
  • Available in 25 and 31 Cubic yard body configurations.

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