F-120 Mini

Side Loader Model F120-HE Single or Dual Stream 

The Fanotech F120HE is a compact, drop frame, manual side loader designed for areas not practical for larger machines where easy maneuverability is important, or for smaller routes were high volume is not required. However, it still has a compaction ratio equal to our larger F175 side loader. This vehicle can be configured for manual, semi-automated, single or dual-stream collection. 

Exclusive F120-HE Design Features:

  • Same sweep action ram as our F175 series which enables ram to penetrate body 12” 
  • Curved packer face to enhance compaction. 
  • One-piece packer blade requires no hinged follower panels. 
  • Packer swept volume 1.2 cu. yd. 
  • Approximately 44” hopper loading height. (Depending on chassis specifications) 
  • Virtually maintenance-free packer guide system which does not utilize guides or track assemblies.  
  • Tapered body design for easy unloading 
  • Extensive use of high strength and AR450 wear resistant materials. 
  • One-piece body and hopper design. 
  • “Easy-Lube” system. All lubrication points are accessible from the ground outside of body.  
  • Sealed, spherical, self-aligning bearings on all cylinders to prevent cylinder side loading and ensure longer trouble-free service. 
  • All pivot points are sealed to ensure grease retention under all weather conditions, resulting in extended lube intervals, and many hours of maintenance free operation.  
  • Std body sizes; 13, 16 cu. yd. for 4×2 chassis. 

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